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Memphis Public Interest Law Center and the Black Clergy Collaborative of Memphis collaborate on fair housing work through participation in the Greater Memphis Housing Justice Project (GMHJP). GMHJP is a multi-year campaign designed to change the narrative around housing in Memphis and engage renters and the community in conversation and action related to local housing problems and solutions. We accomplish this by conducting renter-centered research, raising awareness around eviction and substandard housing in Memphis, creating space for renters to tell their stories, and promoting policy and structural changes that address the rental housing crisis in Memphis.

"Evicted" and "Housing Matters" are components of the GMHJP strategy. Evicted, a multi-media exhibition explores the causes and consequences of housing insecurity through the eyes and voices of those who have experienced eviction.

Housing Matters focuses on the health impacts of housing insecurity. It is designed to be Stage 1 of a multi-stage process to address systemic barriers that impede fair housing and health in Memphis. Housing Matters brings stakeholders from across sectors and up and down the local power structures to collect data, build capacity, provide services, and recommend upstream changes.